Financial calendar For Forex

The calendar which refers to the dates of particular events which will affect the whole momentum of market prices is known as the financial calendar or economic calendar. Basically, it is used by the traders and the investors too to plan their traders to earn high profits.

Mostly, you can see that this calendar is free to use by many companies as this is a marketing strategy to grab customers onto the website by providing them the free services but the point is not only about the services for FREE. In fact, we are providing our customers the quality services as we know that the quality matters and the cost also so we maintained the both.

  • An economic or financial calendar is one that has some specific dates that may affect the whole market.
  • Traders and Investors use this to plan their trades to make clear entry and exit points and also read the chart patterns before trade and understand the effect of events through charts.
  • There are two categories of these events: one is future events or recent events on which the market is moving. Both have their own importance and value.


Financial Calendar is used by investors or traders who want to take short-term positional trade into the market. News or events that happen are obviously unpredictable but to understand that one needs to be very attentive towards the market and its news. Once you break the news of what it is really about then you can quickly take a trade with safe entry and exit but this is only possible between the hour of the news only.

How to Navigate the Whole News or Calendar?

Most sites post the free economic calendar onto their site for traders to take a trade as per the calendar but there is a way to navigate the calendar also that how and which news and events are beneficial or not?

Most of the traders use the news of the US Market as it is the biggest market ever so the impact on this market has also been suffering for others too. Apart from that, most sites post the events of the US Market for their users into the calendar but you can navigate it and customize it as per your requirement.

For an instance – if a trader or investor wants to customize its tool as per the regions of oil-producing then this filter comes with the results of the US Energy Information Administration weekly petroleum report and this is how a calendar can work as an indicator too.

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